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Damron Laboratory Members

 Mindy edited

Melinda Varney, PhD Research Assistant Professor

Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Marshall University

Postdoc training Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center 2011-2016

PhD in Biomedical Sciences Marshall University 2010

BS in Biology West Liberty University 2005

Mindy’s research focuses on the big picture question:  What are the correlates of protection necessary for effective vaccines against B. pertussis?  During her postdoctoral training, Mindy focused on inflammation in the context of myelodysplastic syndrome.  Her work includes cell signalling during inflammation, the response to pathogen, and identification of new antigens for vaccines.

More about Mindy here.

Link to Dr. Varney’s recent Tifab paper in JEM

 dylan boehm

Dylan Boehm, PhD Student 2015-2019

Current Position: Postdoc, Oregon Health and Sciences University

BS in Biology from California University of Pennsylvania.

Dylan’s research is directed towards the development of new pertussis vaccines.  He is also interested in the role of neutrophils in the clearance of B. pertussis and is involved in several different vaccine trial projects in the lab.


Ting Wang edited

Ting Wong, PhD Student 2017-

BS in Neuroscience from Washington and Jefferson College

Ting’s main projects are focused on next generation sequencing.  We routinely perform RNAseq with everything from sample preparation to bioinformatic analysis.  Ting is developing workflows that all members of the lab will use to answer their key research questions.

Former Damron Laboratory Members

 Savannah Sims

Savannah Sims, Undergraduate student

Savannah constructed reporter systems for the study of key B. pertussis virulence factors.

Marissa Meagers

Marissa Magers, Undergraduate student

Marissa was the cell counting and histology expert working on our vaccine projects

Claire Bonnin

Claire Bonnin Summer Intern from IUT Cezeaux,Clermont-Ferrand, France

Claire analyzed RpoE dependent gene expression profiles of B. pertussis, Summer 2015

Theo Pinheiro

Theo Pinheiro Summer Intern from IUT Cezeaux,Clermont-Ferrand, France

Theo analyzed heptakis dependent gene expression profiles of B. pertussis, Summer 2015



Cody Elkins edited

Cody Elkins, Undergraduate student

Cody is developing novel workflows with fluorescent reporters to identify which antigens and adjuvants activate the immune

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