Resources and tools for the study of Bordetella

About us

F. Heath Damron, PhD.
F. Heath Damron, PhD.Assistant Professor
Dr. Damron is the leader on this project. His work focuses on understanding the regulation of Bordetella virulence in the context of infections.
Mariette Barbier, PhD.
Mariette Barbier, PhD.Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Barbier is the project manager and the webmaster of Her work focuses on how Bordetella and other respiratory pathogens interact with the host during infection
Erik L. Hewlett, MD.
Erik L. Hewlett, MD.Professor
Dr. Hewlett is the senior mentor on this project. He is a pioneer in the study of various Bordetella pertussis virulence factors including the adenylate cyclase toxin.

The team

Our team is composed of various graduate and undergraduate students concentrating their efforts in developing the Bordetella genome annotation. They are studying the past and current literature on Bordetella to gather the information necessary to annotate the genes of Bordetella species and refine the gene ontology annotation.

Current development team:

  • Rusty Bonasso, Undergraduate student, Project manager
  • Dylan Boehm, Graduate student, Data mining
  • Savannah Sims, Undergraduate student, Data mining
  • Justin Bevere, Undergraduate student, Data mining
  • Claire Bonnin, Undergraduate student, Data mining
  • Theo Pinheiro, Undergraduate student, Data mining
  • Ryan Kidwiler, Undergraduate student, Data mining

Former members:

  • Brooke Sauder, Undergraduate student, Database development